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The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products was established in 2007. On the voluntary basis, it brings together business entities dealing with services and manufacture of the marketing products, import, and also companies functioning as advertising agencies.

It numbers more than 170 members, who are the companies of the private sector and Polish departments of foreign groups, and the range of services they offer includes all types of the marketing products available in the market. The largest and the most important companies of the groups of the marketing products' distributors and manufacturers, but also advertising agencies, exhibition organisers and the opinionforming industry media are affiliated in the Chamber.

PIAP sponsors many promotional events of the national importance, such as: Rem Days, Euro-Advertising, Marketing, Print and Packages Festival, Lifestyle Expo, Event Exhibitions, OneDay RoadShow. The organisers of these events, who are PIAP members, are willing to offer preferential conditions for the companies affiliated with the association.


PSI is an international network of companies for developing promotional products industry.

For its members, PSI develops solutions that are individually tailored to the promotional industry. Comprehensive consultations, of which members can use and high-quality products are the hallmark of the main members of PSI.
The basis of the PSI is to create a "web of trust", which requires members to comply with good business practices and principles of the free market.
Membership in PSI opens new opportunities for producers and distributors of promotional products. Our PSI number - 46124.


The Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft Association (abbreviated as GWW) was established as a support for producers of promotional products, distributors, brands and other participants in the German market of promotional items.

Today, GWW has over 350 members and is called the strongest German association in the industry.

GWW successfully organizes many industry events:

  • GWW-NEWSWEEK one of the most important fair events in the industry, attracting over 4,000 guests implemented in the form of a "road show" in many German cities, and also outside of Germany, eg in Vienna (in cooperation with marke[ding])
  • TREND one of the oldest events, organized for 30 years, attracting 140 exhibitors and about 1,000 visitors each year


VÖW is the body representing the manufacturers and importers and importers of promotional products in Austria. Founded in 1991, the organization has set itself the primary objective of increasing the importance of promotional products in marketing communications.

What does he do?
Improving the legal and policy framework
The point of contact for handling all aspects of the industry
Coordination of suppliers in Europe
The organization has around 60 members who are manufacturers or distributors of promotional products. VÖW is also a founding member of the EPPA (European Promotional Products Association), which is currently represented in 12 countries. It also has a liaison office in Brussels.

Club of notes

Founded in 1989, Club Of Notes is now one of the largest suppliers of self-adhesive notes, offering world class solutions in printed promotional products made of paper.


Club of Notes is active in more than 40 companies throughout the world engaged in the production of promotional materials individually printed paper, supporting a wide range of clients. Club provides its members with technical and marketing expertise to provide end users the benefits of a broad innovation and competitive pricing.

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Created in 1953 organization is an international association of manufacturers and vendors of promotional products. FYVAR's mission is to represent and defend the interests of the promotional sector in general and the comprising companies in particular.

The association appointed 3 groups of members in order to identify and preserve the specific needs and interests of each. They benefit from the synergy, that helps solving common issues.

- Group A: Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers. Their main distribution channel is aimed at companies from a group C.
- Group B: Service companies majoring in special techniques (screen printing, digital printing, tampo printing, transfer, laser, embroidery stamping etc.).
- Group C: Distributors – advertising companies selling directly to end customers.


PPAI is the trusted leader in the United States promotional products industry delivering essential knowledge, resources and community to ensure the success of its members, those who manufacture, import and resell promotional products, and the promotional products industry itself.

In 1903 representatives of 12 promotional products manufacturers (manufacturers of advertising goods) agreed to form an industry trade association.  Tradeshows became part of the Association's conventions in 1914, with 32 exhibitors at the first show. The PPAI Expo®—the industry's premier tradeshow—is held each January in Las Vegas. It has become the place to be for promotional products professionals and companies to grow their business, build their network and increase their sales!

While a majority of the Association's 15,000+ member firms (based on 2018 figures) are located in the United States, membership includes firms in Canada and throughout the world. Most member companies are suppliers and distributors of promotional products and services, including specialty advertising, business gifts, premiums, incentives, awards, prizes and commemoratives.


Belgian Association of Promotional Products A.S.B.L. (BAPP), was founded in 2001 and its mission is to professionalize, defend and promote the product media sector (business gifts and promotional items) in general, and the professional interests of its statutory members in particular.
The association also aims to represent and bring together the companies of the professional association, both nationally and internationally.
The BAPP also collaborates with the EPMO, a movement bringing together the various national associations and major players in the sector in Europe and which works to standardize European rules in this sector. It has a lobbying role with the European Commission and informs its members of new directives issued by the Commission.
Only experienced, well-established and reputable industry professionals are accepted as BAPP members, therefore, belonging to BAPP is a guarantee of the highest quality of services.