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Corporate social responsibility

Applying the Code

Flexibility - we do our best to meet all the requirements and expectations. Hence, in agreement with our business partner, we offer such a product that meets even the most unique requirements.

Kindness -  we make every effort to organize and conduct proper trainings aimed at preparing our employees to deal with everyone who is interested in our services.
Promptness - we adjust the pace of service delivery to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of completion date of a particular task, at the same time making sure that it will not influence the quality of our products and services.

Irregularity report system


In order to detect ethical irregularities, the company has introduced an irregularity reporting system. Each employee, customer or stakeholder, who witnesses any breach of rules or procedures, is required to promptly report each such incident via email: entitled REPORTING OF IRREGULARITY.

Obligations towards employees


Promonotes Sp. z o.o. does not contribute to human rights violation and is entirely against all practices that may lead towards that. The company offers decent work conditions, meets legal requirements while its employees are satisfied with them.

The organization undertakes to ensure all Basic Social Norms resulting from the Convention of the International Labour Organization, concerning most of all:

  • abolishing and preventing child labour,
  • organising work of the disabled,
  • abolishing and preventing unfree labour,
  • lack of discrimination,
  • maintaining the right of association and collective disputes between employers  and employees,
  • ensuring safety and hygiene at work,
  • complying with maximum working hours,
  • providing decent wages.

Environmental responsibility


Promonotes acts in accordance with regulations concerning environmental protection. Additionally, it promotes actions and measures aimed at natural resources protection as well as environmental and nature protection. When conducting each of its undertakings, the company tries to deploy environmentally-friendly actions, programs and practices.
The company minimises and actively manages pollution and waste production by waste segregation.

The organisation follows the rule of sustainable use of natural resources, paying special attention to the following:

  • efficient energy use,
  • effective use of materials,
  • refilling toner cartridges,
  • using raw materials without any harmless solvents,
  • purchasing raw materials with FSC certificate,
  • waste segregation.

Fairness and honesty of taken actions


The company’s success is based most of all on the quality of products, customers’ satisfaction as well as innovation and flexibility in action.

Promonotes Sp. z o.o. takes care of the high quality of customer services and bears full liability for its work. Our actions are characterized by fairness and honesty. All information that we pass on is always property verified, true and up-to-date.

We are a team of professionals, who are consistent in their actions and have both knowledge and skills necessary to deal with assigned tasks in a timely manner.

All data and information obtained or generated when executing professional tasks, are property of Promonotes Sp. z o.o. and may be used only to its interest.

Promonotes Sp. z o.o. takes responsible attitude in countries, in which it operates its business activities. It thereby contributes to commercial and social growth of such countries, which undertakes to:

  • comply with applicable tax regulations,
  • recognize cultural differences and local conditions in such countries,
  • reject all forms of corruption,
  • observe law regulations and rules prevailing in a particular country.

Fair business practices


It is strictly forbidden to offer, directly or indirectly, hidden bribes and benefits to the benefit of customers or suppliers. The company ensures that each employee undertakes to obey the following rules when it comes to transaction, prices for services or products or payments.

Employees must not accept in person from any persons or companies that have started or plan to start cooperation with the company the following: discounts, loans or pre-payments, goods, equipment, services, invitations or gifts in any form.

The company undertakes to observe all regulations concerning competition and requires its employees to do the same.  The company undertakes not to conclude any contracts or agreements that might in any way result in restricting free trade.

The company presents only true and objective information about its products and way of their presentation.

Community involvement


Promonotes Sp. z o.o. conducts various activities for charity. It is also open, to the furthest possible extent, to suggestions for new charitable activities. The company supports local kindergarten, providing notebooks and other useful stationery for kids. These materials are leftovers or faulty batches that children may safely use up.

Our actions support young people in their personal growth and professional development, who are entering the job market. We cooperate with the University of Arts in Poznań and Poznań University of Technology.  Students of the University of Arts in Poznań in cooperation with our specialists create innovative products for the industry we operate within.

Our cooperation resulted in gaining by UAP student, the second place prize in the innovative competition at the convention of self-adhesive printers Club of Notes in Portugal. The laureate prepared and presented at the convention a new product called Pocket Notes that is currently exclusively offered by our company and can be found in our products catalogue.

As a member of the Club of Notes we commit ourselves to help also people from the most needy countries. One of the many initiatives within the organization was to purchase bicycles for children from the poorest families from the Wat Chork school in the Pnheachry village (Cambodia).