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We present you our new, amazingly wide range of Mindnotes® diaries. Exceptional feature of our diaries is the possibillity of full personalization of not only the cover, but most of all the diary itself.

Bespoke diaries

In Mindnotes® diaries you can personalize every element of the diary. You can not only add your logo on diary cover or sheets, but also decide how the whole timetable will look like. You can place different advertisement on each page – it won’t change production costs!

Take care about environment with Mindnotes® eco diaries

For those, who care about future of our planet, Mindnotes® has prepared an offer of eco diaries produced from recycled materials and/or with FSC® certificate. This kind of eco diary will emphasize the care for the environment of your brand.

Adjust diary facilities to your company needs

Depending on character of your business you might need different, bespoke solutions. Mindnotes® diaries gives you option of adding to your diary some extra sheets with meetings agenda, conducting projects or quarterly financial statements.

You’re looking for handy diary – choose square one in soft, paper cover

If you think that diaries can only be bound in hard, leatherlike cover with logo debossed in the cover center, you’re wrong! Look at our Mindnotes® diary in soft paper cover. It’s light, modern and very handy.

Printed edges are great idea for showing your brand

Stand out! Choose designer solution – cutting-edge digital print. In that your Mindnotes® diary will become complete piece of work and no-one will be indifferent to it.

You never part with your calendar? Choose the one in mini size

We produce Mindnotes® diaries in eight standard sizes
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
B5 (185 x 245 mm)
A5 (148 x 210 mm)
Square (175 x 175 mm)
Slim (125 x 205 mm)
Reporter (205 x 125 mm)
A6 (105 x 148 mm)
Mini (84 x 135 mm)
Pocket (90 x 160 mm)
Wire-o (170 x 240 mm)
On request we can produce diary in any size.

When you need a lot of space for notes

Combination of diary and notebook? Piece of cake! Add sheets for notes in any place – on sheet next to timetable or at the end of notepad. You can also decide how many sheets for notes you’ll need.

Projects you can boast about

On each Mindnotes® diary sheet you can place different graphic or photo. Choosing daily planner you can print up to 365 different photos or graphics!


We’re starting production of Mindnotes® diaries orders. For more details please contact our sales team – they will answear all of your questions and quickly prepare an offer.