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Self-adhesive paper

What is self-adhesive paper?

Self-adhesive paper is a special kind of paper containing the adhesive strip underside, allowing on  temporary sticking and tearing off products constructed on its basis, as well as to documents and other surfaces.

Special glue technology allows to use products without any marks of sticky glue remaining on the surface. In our offer we have different paper available when it comes to colors, weights and several  adhesive strips positions, so that we receive multiple variations and sizes of products.

History of adhesive paper


The first attempts to create a self-adhesive paper was noted in the '70s, when Dr. Spencer Silver in his laboratory tried to develop a super strong glue that allows to combine metals. He found out that the adhesive was not strong enough for this type of material, but have such characteristics as low viscosity, the possibility of multiple use and adhesion possibilities without any additional external factors such as temperature.
Despite the great innovation, the product did not got the approval and its production was not implemented.

By coincident, the adhesive was used a few years later, in response to the problem of Arthur Fry, a chorister in the church and a friend of Dr. Silver, who fought every Sunday with lose sheets of paper falling from his songbook, that were used to mark the songs he performed. He used the invented glue on pieces of paper, and so created a makeshift, albeit a very convenient, self-adhesive tabs to the book.

Because initially it was not believed that this idea has any chance to enter the market, they decided to held first test runs on the consumers. It turned out that the results were surprisingly positive. The first self-adhesive notepad hit the U.S. market in 1980, and a year later entered the European and Canadian markets.

The composition of an adhesive used in the first productions of sticky notes was far from the ingredients used today. Printers of self-adhesive notepads associated in the Club Of Notes organization, also PromoNotes, use the paper in which a solvent-based adhesive has been replaced by a water basis. Thank to this innovation, the obtained paper is environmentally friendly.

Self-adhesive paper available in our offer

Self-adhesive paper available in our offer *

In addition to a standard white self-adhesive paper with a density of 80 gsm we also have papers in colours:


green 70 gsm
yellow 70 gsm
orange 70 gsm
pink 70 gsm


green 70 gsm
blue 70 gsm
yellow 70 gsm
pink 70 gsm

Eco papers

white 80 gsm
kraft 70 gsm
grass paper 95 gsm

Eco papers

pink 70g/m2
yellow 70g/m2
blue 70g/m2
green 70g/m2

* due to the differences in a monitor or a printer, paper colors may slightly vary from the above presented