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Caring for the environment


Unlike many producers using solvent-based adhesive paper, members associated with the Club Of Notes organization, also Promonotes, use of adhesives designed on a water basis, thus avoiding environmentally harmful ingredients in the production process.

In our offer, you can find a full range of 100% recycled papers and as mentioned earlier all self-adhesive notepads are covered with a water-based glue strip that eliminates harmful waste, that is made in the production process of traditional solvent-based products.

FSC® certificate

The FSC symbol on the products indicates that the materials used in their production come from well-managed FSC -certified forests, other controlled sources or from recycling. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) organization is an international non-governmental organization promoting environmentally correct, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forest resources. Companies sourcing certified material and participating in the certified supply chain, meeting the relevant requirements, can label their products with the FSC symbol.

Promonotes, as a FSC certified entity, as basis in the production uses components (for example self-adhesive paper) from certified in the FSC-system suppliers. Ask for FSC certified products.

FSC CertificateFSC Certificate