The dust hasn’t even settled after the intense end of the year, yet our company has entered a new period of hard work. Before we could unpack all our Christmas gifts, we had to pack up and embark on a journey across Europe that will last several weeks. Where are we heading?

Our “trade show marathon” started already on the first days of January, and it will last till the beginning of March. The first stage brought us to Germany and the PSI trade show in Düsseldorf, which took place on the 8-10 of January. Attending the biggest event for the producers of promotional articles made of paper was merely the warm-up:)


The second important stage of our journey will be the 3-day PromoGift trade fair in Madrid. The eleventh edition of the event takes place on the 15-17 of January, and phoning us on these days might not be a good idea. We plan not only to present our latest products and take part in what happens at the trade fair, but also to go on a tourist trip to the shore. After all, before we continue on our way towards the north of Europe, we could use some sun:)


But before we change to a cooler climate, in the meantime we’ll come to the PTE exhibition in Milan – the greatest event for our industry organised in Italy. Nearly 4700 entrepreneurs, producers and clients from all over the world took part in last year’s edition. We’re counting on high attendance, interest in our products and fruitful conversations in the capital of Lombardy. After a few cups of espresso, we hope to gather enough strength to let us press on towards the British Isles.

Merchandise World

The Merchandise World exhibition will take place on the 30-31 of January in Warwickshire. The initiator of this event is the British Promotional Merchandise Association – an organisation with over half a century of history as well as enormous achievements and importance for the entire industry. We just couldn’t miss it!


Leaving Great Britain, we’ll cross the English Channel and report in Lyon for the 12th edition of CTCO. One of the most interesting attractions of the French trade show is the special experimental Print Lab: Live Customization Space. For the second time, visitors will be able to listen to the advice of experts, and customise clothing and products (supplied by CTCO exhibition partners) that they will then be allowed to take with them.

SBI – GWW NewsWeek – Haptica Live 2019

Slowly approaching Poland, we’re making ourselves known at a number of events in Germany and Austria. We’ll hit the road as part of Sessions by Impressions RoadShow and visit 7 cities: Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Nürtingen, Heidelberg, Hamburg and Leipzig. You can also meet us at The GWW – NewsWeek, which is a popular event for start-ups and entrepreneurs in Wuppertal. We’ll also check out Bonn and Haptica Live 2019, the biggest event dedicated to haptic advertising in Germany. As you can imagine, this will be the most intense part of our journey!

Remadays & PromoShow

We’ll approach the finish line of our marathon on the 13-15 of February in Warsaw. The programme of this year’s anniversary 15th edition of the Remadays trade fair is full of attractions: shows, meetings with speakers and the RemaCongress conference. At the same time, we’ll also attend the closed PromoShow Professional event in Warsaw’s Novotel. We’re well-prepared and confident that we won’t run out of breath on the home straight – keep your fingers crossed.

Once it’s all over, we’ll take a slow, well-deserved stroll down the old city of Warsaw…