We print ecologically with FSC certification

Forests are an invaluable source of raw materials for the production of everyday items such as books, stationery or furniture for all of us. This source may be exhausted, so care should be taken. FSC® helps to take care of the forests as well as the people, animals and wildlife for which the forest is home.

FSC is the most credible of the existing forest certification systems in the world, the only one supported by major ecological organizations and numerous indigenous communities.

It has been awarded with forest products since 1994, such as furniture, paper, floor coverings, windows, doors, musical instruments and wood-free products of forest origin, such as maple syrup, rubber or Brazil nuts. The scope of the certificate covers the first stage of the production chain - raw material acquisition.

At present, over 190 million hectares of forest in more than 80 countries around the world are covered by the FSC (about 6 times as much as the surface of Poland). At the same time over 32 thousand. Wood and paper companies have this certificate. PromoNotes is one of them.

Since 2016 we have been certified by FSC, together with our customers, protecting the environment.

If you are interested in producing FSC certified notebooks, please contact our Customer Service.