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50 pieces and more of Mindnotes notebooks
available even in 4 days

Size A5 100 sheets

Hard cover
available in 5 colors

Choose from five different covers in the most popular colors from the Torino line – black, light gray, navy blue, red or graphite Matryx Santos.

Price list

Squared, ruled
or corners sheets

Standard print on pages. Three templates to choose from: squared, ruled or corners.

„Lay flat” technology

A notebook lying flat from the first opening. Check our proprietary solution.

Blind or foil debossing
(up to 100 cm2)

Present your company logo by debossing on the cover. Choose from white, black, silver or gold foil or blind debossing. Sizes up to 100 cm2.

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Accessories matched with the color of cover material

If you choose accessories (flat elastic closure 10 mm, satin ribbon, headband and pen holder 15 mm) in the color of the cover, we will fulfill your order in 4 business days.

4 days turbo

Accessories in the selected color

If you change the color of accessories (flat elastic closure 10 mm, satin ribbon, headband or pen holder 15 mm) to a selected color from our sample card, we will process your order within 7 business days.

7 days express

Flat elastic closure
- width 15 mm

Upon request, we can offer a 15 mm wide elastic band within the 7 days express program for an additional fee.

Paper pocket

We can equip your notebook with a practical pocket for documents. The option is available in the express program for 7 days for an additional fee.