After many months of trial and testing, we can finally present our new website! Throughout this time, we’ve been working on its appearance and on improving the functionalities that make it easier for users to find the necessary information about the products we offer. Let us introduce you to the brand new look of!

One of the basic conditions that determined the course of the changes when we worked on the new website was to create a simple and user-friendly layout. We also wanted to have a visually attractive and dynamic front page that would easily guide users to specific sections and information. We’re convinced that the results of our work accomplish these goals quite handsomely!

Expanded product cards

All products and supplementary elements have been provided with extensive commentary and a list of detailed technical data. The data are presented in the form of comprehensible tables, which can be downloaded as pdf files to a computer or mobile device. The descriptions are further expanded by attractive video materials that we’ve placed under selected products, e.g. PM100. The videos present our best products in an accessible way and clearly explain the possibilities regarding their customisation.

3D configurator

To ease the process of designing promotional articles, we’ve created a simple 3D visualisation tool for multiple products, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It has customisation options, such as text and graphic element (e.g. a logo) application or colour selection, and also enables saving projects and downloading them. We believe that the 3D configurator will be a handy tool for our current and future clients.

Company blog

Everyone can find something for themselves here! The company blog, which we’ll be keeping in Polish and English, will be updated in detail with product news, important events regarding company life and behind-the-scenes info about our work. We’ll be also writing about note-taking methods and good practices in note-taking, planning and giving presentations.

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