If you’re looking for promotional products made of recycled paper, check our offer of environmentally friendly papers. Environmentally friendly paper is safe for the ecosystem, it gives products a unique look and has a wide range of applications. Read more!

Covers, sticky notes and page flags – everything is eco-friendly!

Our offer includes environmentally friendly papers in various colours and with various weights. 120 g/m2 kraft paper has a natural texture and distinctive beige colour. Just like any other recycled paper, it’s characterised by a slight grey pigment and a texture with visible cellulose fibres. Kraft paper makes for an excellent material for covers, and is suitable for blind printing and foil stamping. When it comes to environmentally friendly paper for covers – an alternative to kraft paper is plain paper with a weight of 150 g/m2. In this case, the cover should be completely protected with foil. Any element can be printed on both kraft and plain paper. It’s worth remembering, though, that the colour scheme of the print on kraft paper may differ from that on white body paper.

Sticky notes can also be made from environmentally friendly paper. The PromoNotes catalogue includes white-coloured paper with a weight of 80 g/m2 and kraft paper with a weight of 70 g/m2.

Supplementary to the environmentally friendly papers are recycled sticky page flags in 6 colours (pastel green, pastel yellow, apricot, pastel pink, violet, pastel blue), all with a weight of 70 g/m2. Additionally, the page flags are available in brown (kraft, 70 g/m2) and white (80 g/m2) colours.

With 3 types of paper at hand, we can produce lots of products made 100% from environmentally friendly materials!

Eco-friendly products. Check some examples

How exactly do promotional products made from recycled paper look like? Check our designs! Environmentally friendly kraft paper looks great on the cover of a Mindnotes notebook, giving it a raw but elegant character. Desk calendars made from environmentally friendly papers are products recommended to eco-friendly companies – the use of environmentally friendly paper gives the calendar a special look. The environmentally friendly version of a papercover sticky notepad is a product made from materials that are 100% eco-friendly.  You can find the full catalogue of our eco-friendly paper products here.

Eco-friendly glue

All our sticky papers are covered with adhesive strips based on water. This method of glue production excludes the presence of environmentally harmful solvent solutions during the manufacturing process. PromoNotes, like all the other associates of Club of Notes, uses only glue that is based on water. Furthermore, our products are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council), which means that their materials were obtained while observing particular care with regard to the conservation of natural resources and the responsible management of forest assets, and with the support of individuals engaged in forestry.

Stay Eco with PromoNotes! Choose environmentally friendly paper and products by PromoNotes!