An elegant notebook at an attractive price? It’s possible now! If you’re looking for a striking promotional gadget, then we have a dedicated offer just for you. The Mindnotes “simple steps program” is a solution that lets you save even up to 40 percent of the costs! 

The Mindnotes “simple steps program” promises a quick, impressive and economical notebook for your brand. Thanks to the prefabricated blocks, you can save on time and lower the asking price of the order. There are as many as 6 ready-made blocks for you to choose from, in different formats and printing: lined, squared or dot paper. Pick a prefabricated block and create your own unique design!

How to do it? Design your notebook in 4 steps: 

1. select one of the 6 premade blocks,

2. select rounded or pointy corners,

3. select the cover: paper or coating material, and customise it: multicoloured print or high-quality stamping,

4. select the appropriate accessories: a paper belly band, a satin ribbon, a closing band, a pen holder, and decide whether you want to have a document case.

The Mindnotes simple steps program is a prefabricated block that offers multiple options for customisation! Check our video and see for yourself how easy it is!

Set up your notebook in four easy steps.
Specify the format, choose accessories…
set up and send an inquiry

The Mindnotes “simple steps program” offer is available for bulks of over 100 pieces.

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