Most of us make notes in a classical way, some people use known methods such as Cornell’s method for example. It was already discussed and explained on the blog. Others just write some crucial things to be remembered. Does our brain work this way?

Mind maps were created thanks to British scientists – Tony and Barry Buzan whose method lets using both hemispheres while studying. The left hemisphere of our brain is rather analytical rational and focused on details and the right one notices whole and is creative and visual as well. Doing research, they marked that simple registering is not as effective as combining few techniques – that is how mind maps were created.

Can mind maps be used only in studying?

We can notice while studying or making notes, we are able to remember only some important facts from every single part we have been studied. Usually those parts are which we paired off with something, those we noted down at the beginning and at the end or those facts which interested us. The rest of any facts is definitely wasted.

Stimulating minds, emotions and imagination while studying has rational benefits. Therefore, the data is well memorized. Moreover, creating mind maps, we develop our memory, concentration and imagination. Studying can become fun or pleasure and difficult topic become easily understood. You do not have to use them only in studying but to plan personal or family life. It is also perfect helper in planning tasks at job or everyday things to do.

What do you need?

Sheet of paper or clean wall and post note or something to write. It can be pens pencils or markers. Everything is good whenever you feel your notes are legible, clear and helpful in everyday job.

We have been created a product which entails everything what is needed – MINDBOX – it is the set of own mind maps perfectly adjusted to office conditions when you have only a piece of white wall. Possibilities are limitless!

The set entails literally useful elements which help you build your own mind maps. Thanks to them you will free creative thinking, determine goals and create an easy way to make them happen.

How does it work?

Choose topic, which mind maps are to entail. It does not have to be general – it can be done in a very specific way and specific stuff. Secondly note down the key word in central part of your mind map. Then create some main branches linked with the key word which consequently will be a part of the entire net of branches and key words. You can find more creative information and techniques in another post on our blog!

We are aware that technique may seems to be a little bit complicated from the scratch and creating mind maps time-absorbing but it is just a matter of practice. You will see that only few trials let you work more effectively.