MN32 in a PU coating material is a solution dedicated to clients who seek the highest aesthetics and finish quality that guarantee the proper exposition of a brand or a company. Mindnotes in a PU coating material is a premium-class product.

Mindnotes is one of the most popular promotional products in our catalogue. Among all the variants of cover finishes, the most prestigious appearance is achieved by notebooks in cover materials that resemble leather. Our offer includes cover materials with exactly these characteristics: resembling natural leather, resistant to damage, aesthetic and very pleasant to the touch.

The Italian family. Our coating materials

Among our specifically selected four lines of cover materials with Italian names – Siena, Bologna, Torino, Verona – we have a total of 32 colour variants available. They are complemented by accessories with perfect colour matching: closing bands, pen holders and satin ribbons.

Apart from their exceptional appearance, the advantage of these cover materials is the option to customise them with excellent and clear stamping, while in some cases it’s also possible to apply texts and graphics using screen printing. The Verona cover material line deserves special attention, as it stands out with its surface that resembles suede and the texture that glimmers in sunlight. This effect is particularly visible and spectacular in the gold and silver version of the cover material.

Comfort of use

The hardcover Mindnotes in a PU coating material also entails a high comfort of use. It always opens flat on its back, allowing comfortable note taking. It is resistant to damage and dirt. Additionally, the Mindnotes notebook can also be equipped with a comfortable wrapper or case that will even better emphasise the unique character of the product.

All the PU cover materials are available in our standard offer and in the Mindnotes “simple steps” program, which you can read about here.