Making notes is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. Well organised and deliberate notes are very precious. Today we would like to present you how to note using Cornell Method – an easy and effective way which makes you remember and know some terms very quickly. The method is going to be useful especially in the moment when you have to remember a wide variety of material.

Cornell Method was created in 1950s by Walter Pauk. Its name relates to the name of the Univeristy Pauk he used to work.

How it works:

  • Lay down vertically one sheet of paper on the table.
  • Divide it into three parts: one narrow, second wide and third middle sized (as it is shown in the picture).
  • Next divide second part into two other parts vertically – left narrow and right wide.

How to note:

  • Space dedicated to headline, title and description what includes your notes.
  • This is your space – so write down as important and proper notes as you can. You may write down them as you like: using dashes, paragraphs or some drawings.
    It is crucial to describe theme in detail, so you understand your notes in a distant time. This is the place where you mostly extend mostly bringing up terms.
  • This is the place for specific table of contents – write down what information your notes include. You may do it using keywords, shortened expression or questions. Try to do it the way you like it.
  • The place dedicated to few sentences concerning theme synthesis. You sum up the problem, draw conclusions, write down thoughts or footnotes to further thoughts. It is good to remember and note this part few hours later noting what you were writing about and read earlier.

It is just a system, which allows you easily put the material in order. What is more interesting you should read many times the material to make the synthesis and short summaries. A sheet of paper with your notes you may add to source document. You can also insert this to the reading or notepad and come to back to it as many times as you like.

It is a great way to sort some thoughts, knowledge and traditional deep assimilation with the text. What is your way you mostly note your thoughts?