Mindnotes in textile hardcovers MN33

Mindnotes in a textile hardcover is an exceptional idea for a promotional notebook. In our collection of textile covers you can find such materials as rayon or linen which will give a distinctive look to your notebooks. For these fabrics we recommend screen or transfer printing to ensure maintaining the tiniest details on your dream cover. With such a cover your notebook won’t go unnoticed!. The product is equipped with solid board inside to protect it from damage. Availible in two options: with a clearly marked spine or without it. Corners can be either rounded or straight.

Cover: recommended enhancement is screen printing in Pantone colors. The ink adheres firmly to the coating material and due to its rough structure it gains extraordinary appearance.
Notepad: 1-4 colors, number of sheets starting from 50 up to 200.


cover* 217 x 302 mm
cover** 215 x 302 mm
notepad 210 x 297 mm
cover* 192 x 250 mm
cover** 190 x 250 mm
notepad 185 x 245 mm
cover* 155 x 215 mm
cover** 153 x 215 mm
notepad 148 x 210 mm
cover* 132 x 210 mm
cover** 130 x 210 mm
notepad 125 x 205 mm
cover* 212 x 130 mm
cover** 210 x 130 mm
notepad 205 x 125 mm
cover* 151 x 149 mm
cover** 149 x 149 mm
notepad 144 x 144 mm
cover* 112 x 153 mm
cover** 110 x 153 mm
notepad 105 x 148 mm
cover* 91 x 140 mm
cover** 89 x 140 mm
notepad 84 x 135 mm
*cover with spine and straight corners  
**cover without spine and with rounded corners
Due to technical reasons, the final dimensions of the products may differ slightly from the mentioned above. Complete list of types of covers you will find here.


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