Inspire your promotional items with a new quality!
VividPrint is a new printing feature that results in improvements in:
1. Printing a sharper and more intensive refl ection on graphic images with a much better focus on details, that were invisible due to technical limitations used in classic raster printing.
2. Reproduction full colour management during pre-press and press processes allows to reach all artworks sent in HKS or Pantone scale converted to CMYK much more similar to the requested colour proofs.
3. Colours more extensive colour range by extracting four standard colours to even a greater variety such as additional four non-standard colours: fluorescent, metallised and other special ones.
4. Quality innovative solutions used during the production process connected with the repositionable paper preparation before printing allows to eliminate the problem of print lifting within the glue strip area, furthermore we provide deeper, more vivid and brighter colours on it by providing better paint coverage.
5. Production time much faster orders fulfi lment thanks to the innovative solutions during the printing process. All the following production processes for orders can be started right away after completing the printing on sticky notes.
6 . Prices the possibility of combining several works by using a coherent range of colours reduces printing costs, consequently it gives us even lower costs for CMYK works than in the case of 2C graphics your new business advantage a new, improved printing processes on sticky notes, that ensures even more efficient graphics’ refl ection with additional benefits to our customers.

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